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1408, 2020

President of Cameroon Suspends Logging Concessions in Ebo Forest

Nearly three weeks after the government of Cameroon approved a forestry management unit that would destroy Ebo Forest in the country’s Littoral Region, President Paul Biya withdrew the decree establishing a logging concession Aug. 11 and suspended the process for a second concession. Conservationists welcomed the news and are […]

1208, 2020

New spots for frogs in the Western Cape

In a bid to better understand the distribution and threats facing several highly threatened and endemic amphibians, the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s (EWT) Threatened Amphibian Programme (TAP) recently launched a project in the Western Cape, focusing on five of the most range-restricted frogs of the region. This work is being done […]

508, 2020

Cultural association and its role in garnering support for conservation: the case of the Mountain Chicken Frog on Dominica

The cultural significance of a species can play an important role in garnering local support for conservation. In a paper recently published in the journal Reptile and Amphibian Conservation, we used the Critically Endangered mountain chicken frog (Leptodactylus fallax) on Dominica as a case study to understand whether a species’ […]

108, 2020

Instituto Boitatá in the fight for the conservation of the Brazilian fauna

The Instituto Boitatá was created in 2014 with the commitment to study and preserve species and ecosystems in Brazil. Since its foundation, we have lead and participated in a series of scientific and educational activities. With the overarching goal of promoting long-term conservation, our work aims to create and disseminate […]

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