ACRS is the only international symposium dedicated specifically to the sharing of research and strategies to empower the future of amphibian conservation. ACRS helps to bring together amphibian conservationists and researchers from around the world to gain experience, learn new ideas and make contacts. With a strong focus on early career conservation and research practitioners, ACRS is helping to build a future for global amphibian conservation efforts.

Since originally being held at the University of Manchester in 2012, ACRS has subsequently been hosted by the Natural History Museum London (2013), Zoological Society of London (2014), University of Cambridge (2015), North-West University in South Africa (2016), University of Kent (2017) and the Manchester Metropolitan University (2019).

ACRS brings together amphibian conservation researchers from all fields and backgrounds, including academics, veterinarians, field biologists and members of the zoo community. The two-day meetings provide a platform to present a wide array of talks and posters covering evidence-based approaches and management strategies that promote amphibian conservation.

Previous topics have covered disease, ecotoxicology, genetics, ex situ husbandry, captive breeding, reintroduction programs, surveying techniques, habitat utilisation, in situ programs, amphibian trade and urban ecology.

Photo © Luis Fernando Marin da Fonte, Future Leader of Amphibian Conservation Awardee

This year’s Future Leaders of Amphibian Conservation Scholarships are awarded in memory of Dr. George B. Rabb (1930-2017), a great supporter of amphibians and all those who care for them​. This program is an annual award to a number of early career conservationists from around the world who have been identified as Future Leaders of Amphibian Conservation.

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