What We Do

What We Do: Making a Difference in Amphibian Conservation

At the Amphibian Survival Alliance, we understand that the challenges facing amphibians are complex and multifaceted. That’s why we adopt a comprehensive approach to conservation, working in collaboration with a global network of partners, organizations, and institutions. Our efforts are guided by a set of key priorities that serve as the backbone of our mission, ensuring that we make a meaningful impact on the ground.

We believe in the power of community. That’s why we’re investing in educational programs and outreach events, particularly for youth and young professionals. Our aim is to build an informed and active community that values amphibian conservation.

Good governance and operational efficiency are at the core of our efforts. We’re committed to transparent reporting and responsible resource management, ensuring the long-term success of our mission.

Collaboration is key. We’re working closely with our partners to identify training needs, develop conservation actions, and integrate amphibian conservation into broader policies. The goal is a strong network committed to making a difference.

We’re focused on action. Supporting our partners in identifying key biodiversity areas and developing species conservation plans is a priority. We’re committed to implementing projects that have a tangible impact on amphibian survival.

Funding is the fuel for our mission. We’re actively seeking diverse and sustainable funding sources, supporting our partners in their fundraising efforts, and maintaining a robust grants program.

We’re making our voice heard. Engaging with policymakers at various levels allows us to integrate amphibian needs into broader environmental agendas. Through advocacy, we aim to influence policies that directly impact amphibian survival.

Financial support is crucial for the success of any conservation effort. We offer a range of grant programs designed to empower those committed to amphibian conservation. From start-up grants for new projects to disease mitigation grants for tackling infectious diseases, we provide the financial backing that makes a difference.

Ideal for organizations looking to launch new, on-the-ground projects that aim to improve the survival rates of globally Threatened or Data Deficient amphibians. Learn More

Focused on one of the most critical challenges in amphibian conservation, this program offers financial support for projects that aim to develop effective strategies against infectious diseases affecting amphibians. Learn More

Targeted at early-career conservationists, this program provides a range of opportunities including financial support for conference attendance, research projects, and capacity-building initiatives. Learn More

Designed for urgent, time-sensitive situations that pose an imminent threat to the survival of amphibian species or populations. This program offers rapid financial support for immediate, on-the-ground conservation actions. Learn More

This program is designed to provide financial support for research projects addressing critical conservation needs identified in key studies such as the 2023 State of the World’s Amphibians (SOTWA) and the 2023 Amphibian Conservation Action Plan Status Review Draft (ACAP). Learn More.

At ASA, we believe in the power of collaboration. Our global network of organizations and institutions is committed to effective amphibian conservation. Through these partnerships, we pool resources and expertise to amplify our collective impact. If you’re interested in becoming a partner and aligning with ASA’s strategic goals, please contact us at [email protected].

Aligned with our goal to enhance the capacity of ASA partners, we support you in identifying training needs and developing capacity to implement conservation programs.

In line with our objective to integrate amphibians into international and national policies, we assist you in engaging with governments, NGOs, and communities.

Our aim to increase conservation actions for amphibians offers you guidance in identifying and implementing local and regional conservation actions.

Our focus on promoting partnerships ensures you have opportunities to collaborate within the ASA network and with other organizations.

We support you in identifying Key Biodiversity Areas and Alliance for Zero Extinction Sites, in line with our goal to effectively and efficiently achieve ASA’s mission

Partners can access a range of resources including funding opportunities, communications support, and the latest scientific guidance to inform conservation planning