Photo © Molly Bletz

ASA works with key coordinating bodies in global amphibian conservation – IUCN SSC Amphibian Specialist Group and Amphibian Ark – to achieve a shared Vision:

Amphibians thriving in nature.


The Amphibian Survival Alliance conserves amphibians and their habitats through a strong, engaged, and collaborative global partnership. 

The ASA partnership is committed to:

  • Preventing the extinction of amphibian species; 

  • Improving the conservation status of amphibian species; 

  • Protecting, improving, and enlarging areas of habitat important for amphibians; 

  • Providing national governmental and other decision-makers with conservation advice based on the best scientific studies available; 

  • Building broad partnerships with all stakeholders needed for effective conservation; 

  • Coordinating amphibian conservation actions worldwide through the ASA Secretariat; 

  • Helping, through amphibians, to conserve broader biodiversity and improve the quality of people’s lives; 

  • Educating people about the wonders of amphibians and their roles.

Photo © Brian Gratwicke

ASA Priorities For 2017-2021