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Amphibian conservation needs an active network of partners around the world. The Amphibian Survival Alliance (ASA) coordinates a collaborative global network, encouraging new organizations and groups to join the cause.

To facilitate ongoing engagement, revitalization and management of the partnership, ASA provides a range of support to all Partners, including:

  • Access to the ASA partnership and targeted expertise;

  • Help with fundraising through sharing information related to relevant grants and networks;

  • Assistance with promoting major updates through ASA’s communication channels, and the development of media opportunities;

  • Partnership coordination to implement the ACAP and periodic progress evaluations (annual partnership review process, the ACAP tracking tool once implemented);

  • Regular progress reports detailing the latest accomplishments and challenges from across the partnership;

  • Access to the latest scientific guidance to inform conservation planning and action for amphibians.

If you would like to learn more about joining the ASA, please contact us.

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ASA offers four different levels of partnership. Partners can fulfil the criteria of one of more of these levels, each providing a way for Partners to participate in, or promote, different key areas of our united Mission.

Photo: Luis Fernando Marin da Fonte

  • Thematic partners: ACAP comprises a series of crucial recommendations under the banners of different thematic Working Groups. We aim to divide these recommendations among our expanding partnership to help coordinate the implementation of ACAP globally across an engaged and collaborative alliance. 

  • Country partners: Country Partners champion amphibian conservation activities in specific countries. We aim to recruit multiple Partners across every ASG region, developing collaborative networks of Partners at the country level wherever possible. Country Partners will be supported to build awareness, capacity, and actions for amphibians. 

  • Investment partners: ASA seeks to stimulate investment in amphibian conservation actions to raise new resources for key amphibian conservation priorities. ASA channels funds where they can be most effective, for example through seed grants. Investment Partners facilitate the implementation of ACAP through helping to fund crucial conservation actions. 

  • Communication partners: Raising awareness of amphibians to increase their profile is a key aspect of developing public and institutional will to protect them. We seek Communication Partners to help us get the message out effectively all over the world, including those involved in print and social media, radio, and television/motion picture productions.

The effectiveness of the Amphibian Survival Alliance is reliant upon the continual development and coordination of a strong, diverse and collaborative global partnership driving forward conservation actions for amphibians.

ASA is immensely grateful for the regular input of our Chief Advisors:

The following ASA partners are recognized for their commitment to amphibian conservation:

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