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Welcome to the Leapfrog Legion, where action speaks louder than words. Wondering why amphibians matter? They’re the caretakers of our ecosystems—regulating the energy flow within ecosystems by consuming thousands of tons of biomass and serving as early alarms for environmental issues; they are the canary in the coal mine. And here’s a wake-up call: 41% of these species are endangered and could vanish. That’s not just their problem—it’s ours too.

Why join the Leapfrog Legion? Because we’re turning words into actions, and actions into impact. Your monthly commitment funds projects that make a difference. But don’t just take our word for it—check out our latest Impact Report to see the measurable difference your support can make.

By joining us, you’re part of a community that’s making history, right here, right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your monthly membership fees provide a reliable source of funding that allows us to carry out vital conservation initiatives, from habitat restoration to species research and breeding programs. Together, we make a lifesaving impact for amphibians worldwide.

Your fees directly support our daily operations, field conservation projects, educational programs, advocacy campaigns, and rescue efforts that benefit a wide range of amphibian species. As a member, you fuel our vital work.

Your membership fees may be tax deductible depending on your location and tax laws. In many countries, charitable contributions are eligible for tax deductions. You will receive a receipt at year-end that you can use to claim deductions on your taxes, if applicable. We recommend consulting a tax advisor to understand deductibility based on your personal situation.

Take advantage of member-exclusive perks like behind-the-scenes updates, and participate in online events, contests, and discussions to connect with our community. Increase your impact by referring friends to join!

Renewing is easy! Your membership will auto-renew each month using the payment details you provide at signup. You can contact us at any time to change card details or cancel renewal.

If you need to correct or update any personal data we have on record for you, ASA provides a Data Correction Request Form to facilitate this process. We respect your right to access and control your personal information and take data accuracy seriously. The form allows you to detail the data you wish to be corrected and submit it for processing. Please fill out the form with accurate and complete information and submit the form as per the instructions provided within.

Download the form HERE.

Should you have any questions or require assistance with the form, please contact us at [email protected] and we will be glad to assist you.

Amphibian Survival Alliance is committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal data. Our Data Protection Policy outlines how we collect, use, process, and safeguard your information.

Understanding our practices regarding data protection is important. You can review our Data Protection Policy to learn more about your rights, our data processing activities, and how we ensure compliance with data protection laws.

Download our Data Protection Policy HERE. This document provides detailed information on our commitment to data privacy and the steps we take to maintain data integrity and security.

For any queries or concerns regarding our Data Protection Policy or practices, please reach out to us at [email protected] and our team will provide you with the necessary support.

If you have additional questions that our FAQ doesn’t cover, we’re here to help. You can reach us [email protected]

Just Want to Donate?

If you’d like to contribute without becoming a monthly member, that’s absolutely fine! Every contribution counts in the mission to save amphibians. Click the button below to make a one-time donation on our general donation page.

Ready to jump into action? Our membership tiers aren’t just labels; they’re badges of honor! Named after different amphibian species, these tiers add an element of fun to your support. Did you know the term ‘army’ does not only refer to the military? It’s also what you call a group of frogs: an army of frogs! When you join one of our tiers, you’re part of an ‘army’ that’s all about championing and rescuing amphibians and their habitats. Now, isn’t that an amazing way to make a difference in conservation?

Check out our ranks below and click to reveal the unique perks that come with each. You can choose to subscribe under a tier by selecting the desired amount within the range of that tier that is most comfortable for you. Discover how you can be part of this important mission:

Leap into action, Cadet Tadpoles! This tier’s just for kids, bursting with activities that turn learning into an adventure. It’s all about fun and discovery while combining the thrill of discovering amphibians with the joy of making a real difference. Through engaging activities and resources, young supporters learn how their contributions help protect these fascinating creatures!

Hello, Private Salamanders! You’re the cornerstone of our community. Your support helps us stay nimble, and in return, you stay fully informed about the projects and initiatives that your support makes possible.

Step up as a Corporal Treefrog! Your added contributions accelerate our conservation activities. With deeper insights and more opportunities to see your impact, you’ll find a greater connection to our work. Includes all Private Salamander benefits.

Attention, Captain Axolotls! Your generous support takes us further. You’ll get closer to our mission through exclusive webinars and deeper insights. Includes all Corporal Treefrog benefits.

Salute, Commander Caecilians! Your significant support allows for deep engagement with our team and leadership. We’re honoring your commitment with special recognition. Includes all Captain Axolotl benefits.

Stand at attention, General Golden Frogs! Your unmatched support significantly amplifies our work. Enjoy high-level interactions and special recognitions fit for a general. Includes all Commander Caecilian benefits.

Your support makes a real difference, and we can’t wait for you to join our ranks!