Herp Conservation Ghana gets award to save the Critically Endangered Intermediate Puddle Frog

2020-06-24T06:30:05-04:00June 24th, 2020|Amphibian Survival Alliance, Partner Updates|

Francis Osei-Gyan from Amphibian Survival Alliance partner Herp Conservation Ghana just got the Future Conservationist Award offered by the Conservation Leadership Programme. Francis and the team will use the grant to save the Critically Endangered intermediate puddle frog (Phrynobatrachus intermedius). This is an evolutionarily distinct frog endemic to the […]

Key Biodiversity Areas Update: Tropical Treetop Cameras Capture First-ever Wild Footage of Critically Endangered Roloway Monkey

2020-06-17T08:01:53-04:00June 17th, 2020|Amphibian Survival Alliance, Latest News|

Although the quest to find Miss Waldron’s red colobus monkey—a species lost to science since 1978—has not yet uncovered photographic evidence of the monkey in question, it has so far produced striking footage of other rare and endangered primates. This includes the critically endangered white-thighed colobus, endangered white-naped mangabey, […]

ASA partners and others celebrate first-ever World Water Frog Day

2020-06-13T07:45:39-04:00June 13th, 2020|Amphibian Survival Alliance, Future Leaders of Amphibian Conservation Updates|

Water frogs and semi-aquatic frogs of the genus Telmatobius (Anura: Telmatobiidae), represent a characteristic component of anuran communities in the Andean and extra-Andean mountainous regions of western South America, from the Loja Basin in Ecuador to the province of San Juan in Argentina, through Peru, Bolivia and northern Chile. Although […]

2020 Blue Planet Prize Winners Announced

2020-06-10T03:54:48-04:00June 10th, 2020|Amphibian Survival Alliance, Latest News, Partner Updates|

This year marks the 29th anniversary of the Blue Planet Prize, the international environmental award sponsored by the Asahi Glass Foundation, chaired by Takuya Shimamura. Every year, the Foundation selects two winners, individuals or organizations who have made significant contributions to the resolution of global environmental problems. The Board of […]

Description of the Tadpoles of Murree Hills Frogs (Nanorana vicina)

2020-06-13T07:42:39-04:00June 7th, 2020|Amphibian Survival Alliance, Future Leaders of Amphibian Conservation Updates|

The Herpetology Lab, Wildlife Management, PMAS-Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi in Pakistan has recently described the morphology of tadpoles of Murree Hills Frogs (Nanorana vicina). Prior to this, no detail of the species tadpole was available. The species is endemic to the highlands of Pakistan and India. The anteroventral oral disc, […]