The Global Ranavirus Consortium (GRC), in collaboration with Partners in Amphibian & Reptile Conservation (PARC), will organize two overlapping events: (1) a Webinar on ranaviruses, followed by (2) a Virtual Workshop on ranaviruses, held on Saturday, October 14th and Sunday, October 15th, 2023.

The Webinar “Ranavirus: treat of aquatic wildlife” will include basic ranavirus biology and pathogenesis, epidemiology, host resistance and defenses across reptile, amphibian, and fish species, as well as discussion on conservation and biosecurity practice. There will be no registration fees so everyone interested is welcome to register for the webinar.

A scientific Virtual Workshop will follow this webinar. The goal of this workshop is to stimulate wide interactions and collaboration among established investigators, postdoctoral fellows, graduate, and undergraduate students interested in ranavirus pathogens including ranavirus biology, immune responses, microbiota/ranavirus interactions, pathogenesis, ecological aspects of ranaviral disease, intervention, remediations, public outreach, etc.

The GRC Virtual Workshop will consist predominantly of 15-minute seminars (including questions) as well as accompanying discussion sessions. Plenary speakers will be selected from submitted abstracts based on originality, scope, and content. The GRC will reach out with plenary speaker invitations sometime between August 18th and September 11th. There will be no registration fees for the workshop either, and students at all levels and postdocs are encouraged to participate in this workshop by presenting their research. An open discussion with everyone is planned at the end of the GRC Virtual Workshop for designing a plan of action to mitigate ranavirus outbreaks in wildlife.

Please send your title and abstract no later than August 18. To register for one or both events, and to submit to your title/abstract, please follow this link:

Important dates:

August 1, 2023, Webinar registration open

August 1, 2023, Virtual Workshop Abstract submission open

August 18, 2023, Virtual Workshop Abstract submission close

September 11, 2023, Final program distributed