We are excited to announce that the call for applications for the Future Leaders of Amphibian Conservation Award by the Amphibian Survival Alliance (ASA) is now open! This is an excellent opportunity for you to join a thriving community of enthusiastic and committed amphibian conservationists.

About the Future Leaders Program

The ASA’s Future Leaders of Amphibian Conservation program recognizes and supports emerging conservationists committed to protecting and preserving amphibian species. As a Future Leader, you’ll have the opportunity to gain valuable experience, learn from experts in the field, and contribute to important conservation work.

Criteria to Apply

We are looking for individuals in the early stages of their career who have evidence of contributing to successful conservation initiatives in the past, and who wish to conduct or continue with a particular conservation project or research agenda that will directly improve the survival of amphibians in the wild. Anyone can apply, but we are particularly keen to attract applications from delegates from amphibian rich, resource-poor countries.

Opportunities Offered

This call offers two exciting opportunities:

  1. A one year paid internship as an ASA Communications and Digital Content Officer. This is a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience, learn about amphibian conservation, and contribute to our communication efforts. Full details including responsibilities and minimum qualifications are posted below.
  2. Funding to attend a conference of your choice. This includes registration fees, travel, food and accommodation. It’s an incredible chance to learn from leading experts, present your work, and network with other professionals in the field.


Applications for both opportunities are open from July 3 to July 31.

How to Apply

  1. For the ASA Communications and Digital Content Officer Intern position, please read the Terms of Reference of the position below, complete and submit the application form, and upload a copy of your CV and portfolio before the July 31st deadline.
  2. For the funding to attend a conference of your choice, please complete and submit the application form before the July 31st deadline.

We’re excited to review your applications and look forward to welcoming our new Future Leaders of Amphibian Conservation! Please email [email protected] if you have any questions regarding this opportunity.

Future Leaders of Amphibian Conservation scholarships are awarded in memory of Dr. George B. Rabb (1930-2017), a great supporter of amphibians and all those who care for them​. One of this year’s scholarships will be funded thanks to the support received from Frog Cult, who donated to ASA the funds raised during Frog Con 2022.

Terms of Reference: ASA Communications and Digital Content Officer
Responsibilities: In consultation with the ASA Director of Partnerships and Communications, the ASA Programs Director, and the ASA Executive Director, the Communications and Digital Content Coordinator will be responsible for the following:
  1. Helping to develop and implement a communication plan for ASA.
  2. Developing and implementing a brand concept and visual identity for ASA.
  3. Supporting the creation and dissemination of ASA communication materials such as the Frogress Report, press releases, reports, etc.
  4. Developing and implementing an editorial calendar for ASA.
  5. Managing and updating ASA’s social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  6. Create engaging content for social media platforms, including graphics, short videos, and written posts, and ensure that they are posted regularly.
  7. Monitor social media metrics and provide reports on performance to the Executive Director.
  8. Coordinate the ASA-related activities of various campaigns such as Amphibian Week.
Qualifications: The ideal candidate will have the following qualifications:
  1. Experience in Communications, Journalism, Public Relations, Design, or a related field. A Bachelor’s degree in any of these areas is desired but not mandatory.
  2. Experience in editing, copyediting, or proofreading.
  3. Proficiency in editing, design, and communication programs and platforms (eg. Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Canva, MailChimp, Adobe InDesign, etc.), with a particular focus on designs and layouts.
  4. Excellent attention to detail and organizational skills.
  5. Written and verbal English skills, including good knowledge of grammar.
  6. Ability to work independently and meet deadlines.
  7. Passion for conservation and environmental issues.
  8. General knowledge about amphibian conservation is desired but not mandatory.
Other requirements: Reliable internet access, knowledge of Google products and cloud-sharing platforms.