Do you need more fun froggy things in your life? Have you ever wanted to meet more frog-loving humans, buy some cool frog merch, or even watch a few frogs live online? Frog Con was made for you! Here at Frog Con, our mission is to unite a community of frog lovers by hosting a fun and educational event – all to raise money to help frogs in the wild. This year, we are partnering with Amphibian Survival Alliance to achieve this!


What is Frog Con?

Frog Con is the first online convention dedicated to our little friends – frogs! It is a place where froggy lovers can have froggy fun, learn about frogs, and engage with the frog community. At Frog Con, we support froggy artists, educators, game developers and other frog lovers by giving them a platform to promote themselves and their creations through the Frog Con website and Discord server. All profits from Frog Con 2022 will go towards supporting our artists and ASA to support conservation efforts for frogs and other amphibians.


What can you do at Frog Con?

There is so much to do at Frog Con! And it is completely free to participate:

– Visit a froggy Artist Alley with 100+ small froggy business around the world

– Watch live educational and fun panels hosted on our Twitch channel

– Play some featured froggy games

– Check out the limited edition froggy merchandise made by our team and our Featured Artists

– Take a gander at a raffle for froggy merchandise with 100% of funds raised for ASA

– Join the community Discord server where you can interact with other frog lovers

– Create a personalized frog icon with our Frog Customizer


Where and when is Frog Con?

Frog Con 2022 will run from October 14–23, 2022 and is completely online! Take a look at the schedule below! Everything you can do at Frog Con can be found on our website. Other key places to check out are our Twitch channel where we will host all our panels, and the Discord server where you can engage with the online froggy community and find more updates on Frog Con. Thank you to ASA for partnering with us this year – we are so excited to be raising money for such a good froggy cause and we hope to see everyone at Frog Con 2022!


Frog Con 2022

October 14–23, 2022

Twitter: @thefrogcult

Instagram: @frogcultorg

Twitch: @frogcultorg