Amphibian conservation benefits enormously from an active community working on diverse conservation issues around the world. ASA coordinates a collaborative global partnership, recruiting Partners from across this community, while also encouraging new organisations and groups to join the cause. ASA helps to create information to direct conservation efforts, guiding the identification of conservation priorities at the level of species (e.g. through support of amphibian extinction risk assessment updates on the IUCN Red List) and habitats (e.g. through the Key Biodiversity Areas Partnership). Our aim is to coordinate the implementation of ACAP, ensuring that Partners take on recommendations and work together to bring these to fruition. ASA also tracks progress on implementing ACAP, and keeps the partnership informed of all developments.

ASA works with key coordinating bodies in global amphibian conservation – IUCN SSC Amphibian Specialist Group and Amphibian Ark – to achieve a shared Vision: Amphibians thriving in nature.