Dear friends,

At the Amphibian Survival Alliance, we are dedicated to the global cause of amphibian conservation, and today, we invite you to become a part of this mission. Our new Leapfrog Legion is where passion for conservation meets impactful action – and we need trailblazers like you!

Why Amphibians Matter
Amphibians, our planet’s ecological sentries, are in peril. With a staggering 41% at risk of extinction, the urgent call to action has never been clearer. These remarkable creatures are not only a wonder of evolution, providing key insights into our natural world, but they’re also the backbone of ecosystems around the world, and it’s up to all of us to ensure their survival!

Your Role in Their Survival
Did you know the term ‘army’ does not only refer to the military? It’s also what you call a group of frogs: an army of frogs! By enlisting in the Leapfrog Legion, you join a community of passionate individuals who understand the urgency of conservation and the joy of making a real difference. As a member, your monthly contribution directly supports critical initiatives such as:

  • Vital habitat restoration
  • Cutting-edge research to combat diseases
  • Coordination of international amphibian conservation initiatives
  • Community education and engagement
  • Emergency response to conservation threats

Choose Your Impact
We’ve created several fun membership tiers to suit your preference for involvement and support. From Cadet Tadpole to General Golden Frog, each tier comes with its own set of unique benefits and ways to stay connected with our work.

Your support translates into action, and action into tangible outcomes for amphibian populations worldwide. Your support is more than a donation; it’s an alliance!

Take the Leap Today
Ready to stand with us as guardians for these incredible species? It’s time to put on your virtual boots and wade into the world of amphibian conservation.

Enlist in the Leapfrog Legion Today!

Photo: Ranitomeya ventrimaculata © kikkerdirk