The Amphibian Survival Alliance (ASA) is thrilled to announce the recipients of our more recent round of Future Leaders of Amphibian Conservation grants. This funding will fully support two outstanding early career amphibian conservationists, enabling them to attend the upcoming World Congress of Herpetology in Borneo.

The Future Leaders program aims to empower the next generation of amphibian conservationists by providing opportunities to expand their networks, share their work, and gain critical knowledge and skills. The World Congress of Herpetology provides an unparalleled global platform for these emerging leaders to present their research, collaborate with peers, and elevate their impact.

After a highly competitive application process, we are honored to introduce our two inspiring 2024 grantees:

Shirley Jennifer Serrano Rojas is a Peruvian tropical ecologist and conservationist currently pursuing her PhD at Stanford University. Her research explores how climate change and habitat alteration are impacting the behavior of poison frogs in the Peruvian Amazon. Using innovative telemetry methods, Shirley is uncovering valuable insights into amphibian adaptability and resilience. Importantly, she is conducting this work in close partnership with local NGOs and communities, offering research opportunities to Peruvian students and initiating a citizen science project to track frog populations in modified ecosystems. Her holistic approach embodies the integration of rigorous science and community engagement critical for effective conservation.

Consuelo Mileidy Betancourth-Cundar is a Colombian behavioral ecologist with over a decade of experience studying the consequences of rapid environmental change for neotropical amphibians, especially poison frogs threatened by illegal trafficking. Mileidy’s current research examines the impacts of crude oil contamination on frog populations in the forests and rivers of Colombia’s Pacific region. Deeply committed to turning science into action, she is developing tools to empower local organizations and communities to protect endangered amphibians through resource management, combating the illegal pet trade, establishing new protected areas, and training women and children as conservation leaders. As a member of the “Women in Science: Agents for Peace” program, Mileidy exemplifies the power of interdisciplinary and inclusive approaches to safeguarding amphibian diversity.

Shirley and Mileidy represent an exciting new cohort of amphibian conservationists who are harnessing cutting-edge research, local partnerships, and community engagement to drive real change for threatened species and habitats. The ASA looks forward to following their continued growth and achievements as a result of their participation in the World Congress of Herpetology.

Please join us in congratulating these exceptional Future Leaders grant recipients! To learn more about the Future Leaders of Amphibian Conservation Program and how you can support this initiative, visit our website.