Behold the Junín Giant Frog (Telmatobius macrostomus)—an awe-inspiring amphibian found only in the misty highlands of central Peru. Growing up to the size of a soccer ball, this massive frog is a true marvel of nature. But sadly, the future of this iconic species is under threat.

Since 2014, habitat destruction and wildlife trafficking have driven the Junín Giant Frog onto the endangered species list. Now more than ever, this unique frog needs our help. Fortunately, there are passionate young conservationists on the ground in Peru ready to answer the call.

Grupo RANA, partially comprised of Amphibian Survival Alliance Future Leaders of Amphibian Conservation alumni, has been studying and protecting endangered frogs like the Junín Giant since 2017. Through community-based citizen science programs engaging hundreds of local students and teachers, they monitor frog populations and curb illegal trade.

But Grupo RANA isn’t stopping there. They are now expanding their efforts and asking for our support to establish a new Frog Ranger patrol team. Engaging even more students and community members, the Frog Rangers will ramp up monitoring and protection efforts across the region. Grupo RANA aims to increase conservation impact by 40% and reduce illegal trade of the Junín Giant Frog by 10% by 2024.

Grupo RANA is also growing their environmental education program, Las Ranas y Yo, to reach over 300 underserved students and teachers by 2024. This inspires the next generation to appreciate and safeguard amphibians like the majestic Junín Giant Frog.

You have the opportunity to join Grupo RANA’s mission and make a real difference protecting endangered frogs like the Junín Giant. Support their fundraiser today! Learn more and donate HERE.

Together, we can take action together to save the Junín Giant Frog and uplift emerging conservation leaders carrying on this critical work. The frogs are calling—will you answer?

Photo: Telmatobius macrostomus © Roberto Elias