Recently, our Executive Director, Gina Della Togna, joined the Protect The World podcast to discuss her journey in the world of amphibians and the important work of the Amphibian Survival Alliance (ASA). In this episode, Gina shared her experiences and highlights the efforts of the ASA as a global coalition dedicated to the long-term protection of the world’s amphibians.

Protect The World is a podcast dedicated to the people and organizations making the world a better place. Every month, Brodie Hopkins connects with an NGO that’s addressing inequality or biodiversity loss. His goal is to learn about the issues they’re tackling, interview the founder or director, and then share their stories with the audience. But he doesn’t just want to share their stories; he also wants to contribute to their work.

Whether you want to know more about day-to-day life at the ASA, the history behind the organization, or the values that drive our work, this conversation is for you.

We want to thank Brodie for the opportunity to share our story on his podcast. Your support and platform help amplify our message and reach a much wider audience.

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