We are excited to announce a special feature in the 10th edition of the Wildlife Disease Association (WDA) Newsletter—a comic designed and drawn by Francoise Cuadra, an Amphibian Survival Alliance Disease grantee. This comic, titled “The Four-Eyed Toad and the Amphibian Pandemic,” sheds light on a critical issue affecting amphibian populations worldwide.

The Four-Eyed Toad’s Journey
The comic follows the adventures of a unique four-eyed toad as it navigates the challenges posed by a devastating pandemic—chytridiomycosis. This fungal disease has been wreaking havoc on amphibian populations globally, leading to severe declines and even extinctions. Through a blend of humor and poignant storytelling, the comic highlights the struggles and resilience of these remarkable creatures.

Raising Awareness Through Art
Francoise’s artwork brilliantly captures the essence of the amphibian pandemic, making it accessible and engaging for readers of all ages. The comic combines educational content with visual storytelling to raise awareness about the severity of chytridiomycosis and the urgent need for conservation efforts.

Why This Matters
Chytridiomycosis is caused by the chytrid fungus (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis), which infects the skin of amphibians, disrupting their ability to exchange water and essential nutrients. This disease is one of the most significant threats to amphibian biodiversity today.

Join the Conversation
We invite you to read “The Four-Eyed Toad and the Amphibian Pandemic” in the 10th WDA Newsletter and join the conversation on amphibian conservation. Catch the full comic and more in the 10th WDA Newsletter here.