Millions of organisms on the planet have not yet been catalogued, impairing our ability to responsibly manage and conserve the planet’s resources. National Geographic, in an attempt to fill some of these gaps, has launched three new grant opportunities around Species Discovery: Biodiversity Exploration and Discovery, Citizen Science for Species Discovery, and Artificial intelligence for Species Discovery. These opportunities will support the discovery of new species and the bridging of biodiversity gaps. Applications are now open and will remain so until January 15, 2020.

If you are interested in learning more about these grant opportunities, National Geographic are hosting four webinars where we will share information about the RFPs and answer applicant questions:

November 5th at 9am Eastern Time
November 7th at 4pm Eastern Time
November 12th at 4pm Eastern Time
November 14th at 9am Eastern Time

Please sign up here if you are interested in attending one of these webinars.

Applicants with less than five years of professional experience are encouraged to submit proposals for Species Discovery as an Early Career Grant (maximum of $10,000). More information about the Early Career Grants can be found on the website.

Please consider applying for this funding opportunity, and please also share with any relevant colleagues and networks.