What are the most significant and pressing freshwater biodiversity research questions that, if answered, would improve our ability to understand the state of freshwater biodiversity and improve its management and restoration, now and in the future?

On behalf of the Alliance for Freshwater Life, a research team of University of Ottawa and Carleton University graduate students, is sending out a call for questions. They are working to identify and prioritize the most significant research questions that will help us better understand the state of freshwater biodiversity, and stop, or even reverse, its decline. The call for questions will produce a prioritized list of the top research questions, helping to direct research, policy and resources in addressing these important freshwater biodiversity questions. Please take this opportunity to influence future freshwater biodiversity research priorities.

You are invited to submit any research questions which you and your organization want answered via this portal. The deadline for questions to be submitted is the 1st November 2019.

The call for questions will only take a few minutes to complete.

This is a broad and cross-disciplinary call for questions and can cover any part of freshwater biodiversity protection, management, and research. We encourage everyone to submit questions, whether academic, practitioner, policy maker, industry professional or other freshwater professional, so that they can identify different priorities in freshwater biodiversity research. The questions can be local, regional or global, broad research topics, or other topics that you feel need to be addressed to help reverse the current trajectory of freshwater biodiversity.

If you have any questions, please contact the team directly at [email protected].