Biogeographic realms are large regions of Earth’s landmasses where distinct ecological communities have evolved. Each realm contains a unique assemblage of flora and fauna shaped by climate, geography, and history.

Understanding this nexus between biogeographic realms and amphibian distribution enables the Amphibian Survival Alliance (ASA) to be more targeted and effective in our efforts. It allows us to channel resources to protect realms with the richest diversity. We can foster collaborations among key stakeholder groups in these critical regions. Policy initiatives can also be designed that are tailored to the specific needs and contexts of each priority realm.

The link between biogeography and amphibian diversity provides vital insights to guide our conservation mission. By leveraging this knowledge, ASA can ensure our efforts are directed where they matter most. Our goal is to secure a future where amphibian populations across all realms thrive. We believe that amphibian conservation in priority biogeographic realms will have cascading benefits for global biodiversity as a whole.