The Amphibian Specialist Group and Amphibian Survival Alliance, world leaders in amphibian conservation, research and education

Amphibian Specialist Group

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The largest network of the world’s amphibian experts providing scientific guidance to amphibian conservation


By focusing on amphibians, and the sites and habitats upon which they depend, the Amphibian Specialist Group and Amphibian Survival Alliance are working with our Partners to improve the quality of life for amphibians, for other wildlife, and for people around the world.

Amphibian Survival Alliance

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The world’s largest partnership for amphibian conservation



Research helps lay the foundation from where the Alliance and our Partners around the world can develop effective education and conservation initiatives.


Education, whether it be professional capacity building or developing materials for school children, is often essential for conservation project success, a core element of the Alliance’s work.


Conservation is our end goal. We work with local and international partners to find the most effective and realistic ways to help conserve the most at risk amphibians around the world.

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Bd in Madagascar

The amphibian fungus known as Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd), which has caused the precipitous decline of frog populations in Central America, Australia, the western United States, Europe and east Africa, has now been detected in Madagascar, according to a new paper in the journal Scientific Reports. The Alliance and conservationists worldwide are mobilizing to address this emerging threat to more than 500 Malagasy frog species. Learn more  here.

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What Makes us Effective?


With over 100 partners across the globe, including many of the world’s premier conservation organizations, the Alliance is uniquely positioned to bring together resources to implement effective conservation.


Working with scientists, organizations, other alliances and governments we help to ensure resources are directed to projects where they can have the greatest impact for amphibians.


As an Alliance we have a responsibility to report regularly to our Partners and supporters. This level of accountability helps us to keep moving forward while ensuring we maintain efficiency.

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