Serge H. Ndriantsoa
Amphibian Program Officer, Madagascar

For more than a decade before joining the Amphibian Project in Madagascar, Serge had been working on amphibian ecology and conservation in magnitude of regions in Madagascar, such as the Isalo National Park in Western Madagascar (in 2005), the Andasibe region in Central Madagascar (2007). Since 2011, he has been working on a large project on the ecology and conservation of rainforest amphibians in the Ranomafana region in South-Eastern Madagascar.

During his work on Malagasy amphibians, he collaborated with many governmental and non-governmental institutions from Madagascar and from abroad (e.g., Universities of Braunschweig and Hamburg, German; Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust). He also attends an important meeting on the conservation of Malagasy amphibians (e.g., ACSAM 2, A Conservation Strategy on the Amphibians of Madagascar) and Participate at the International Symposium for Amphibians and Reptiles (e.g. Luxembourg and Trier – Germany). Additionally, he is author and co-author of several articles on Malagasy amphibians.