Berglind Karlsdóttir
Communications Program Assistant

Berglind first fell in love with amphibians in the rainforests of Ecuador, where she discovered their diversity and importance to the ecosystem, but also learnt about the threats they increasingly face. Following years of travelling and volunteering, Berglind completed a master’s in Conservation Science at Imperial College London. In a recent internship with Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, Berglind passionately promoted amphibians and their conservation through blog posts, social media content and presentations. She also published guidelines for improving amphibian captive breeding programmes for conservation, which was done in collaboration with the Amphibian Ark. She currently works on bioacoustic analysis of calling frogs from Madagascar, and recently completed an expedition to Ecuador to search for the remaining population of Podocarpus harlequin frog. They found just one male!

Looking back at her initial encounter with the fascinating amphibians of Ecuador, Berglind is keen to share that sense of awe with the public. She believes that the solutions to global amphibian declines must involve as many people as possible. That’s why she now contributes to the communication and outreach work of the ASA.