ASA Emergency Grants

Limited funding is available throughout the year for emergency situations in amphibian conservation requiring urgent support. This may include in situ actions linked to the emergency rescue of wild populations facing imminent threat of extinction, sudden catastrophic events imperilling threatened species, etc. Please contact [email protected] at any time to discuss the potential for an emergency grant.

If your project involves ex situ components, please consider also applying for an AArk Emergency Grant – contact [email protected] for more information.

Emergency Grant applications must include:

  1. Project title.
  2. Names, institutional affiliations, and email addresses of project leaders (if not already an ASA partner or affiliated with an ASA partner, you must also submit an ASA Partnership Application Form (also available in Spanish) with your Project Outline).
  3. Total funding amount requested from the Amphibian Survival Alliance in US$, and also any complementary funding requested for ex situ actions from Amphibian Ark, where appropriate.
  4. Details of the emergency, for example a species facing imminent risk of extinction. Please provide details of what led to the threat, whether the situation is reversible in the longer term and, if not, outline the long-term in situ plans for the species. Please comment on whether there is a potential future for the species in the wild, and stress the conservation significance of the work, including the specific conservation needs of all species involved and details of any essential ex situ actions.
  5. Budget with distinction between funds requested from ASA and any from other sources (including AArk), with the latter specified as ‘requested’ or ‘received’ and from where. Clearly identify the role of ASA funding as a proportion of overall project cost. All costs should be in USD$. Budget should be less than one page. Funding from ASA will be made available once all other necessary requested funding has been secured. A sample budget template can be found here.
  6. Timeline of work.
  7. Employees representing their organizations must submit a letter of institutional support from their employer. This letter is to verify that the employer is aware that the applicant is requesting the emergency grant.
  8. Several photos or other evidence of the emergency, e.g. if it is an emergency rescue or catastrophic event, provide recent media evidence and/or photos.

Format guidelines:

  • Proposals should be submitted in English.
  • The body of the proposal (including content points 1-6 above) must not exceed 2 pages, excluding budget and timeline (≤1 page).
  • All materials should be submitted together, as .doc or .pdf files attached to a single e-mail. File titles should include the name of the project leader. The supporting letter should be sent as a separate file.
  • Only e-mailed proposals will be accepted. Submit proposals to: [email protected]
  • All correspondence should have “ASA Emergency Grant Proposal/principal researcher’s name” in the subject line of the email.
  • Please contact Amphibian Ark if your emergency project involves ex situ components. ASA works in partnership with AArk on Emergency Grants, so your project may be eligible for funding from both ASA and AArk. Learn more about AArk Emergency Grants and/or contact [email protected] for more information.

Need some help? ASA staff are available if you need assistance in formulating your proposal. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions as we will be happy to provide any additional guidance that may help with the development of your proposal. Email us at [email protected]

Photo © Pedro Peloso