The Amphibian Survival Alliance is proud to highlight the latest episodes of the WILD HOPE series by HHMI Tangled Bank Studios, creators of the Oscar-nominated film “All That Breathes.” These upcoming episodes build upon the series’ legacy of showcasing the resilience and ingenuity of those fighting for the natural world, offering a beacon of hope and an invitation for collective action.

After a critically acclaimed first season that captured the hearts and minds of audiences worldwide, the journey continues with new stories of environmental triumph. Thanks to the generosity of PBS Nature, these episodes will be available for global audiences to stream for free on their YouTube Channel, bringing these important narratives to a broad and diverse viewership.

The episode slated for March release, titled “The Frog Ark,” will be of particular interest to those passionate about amphibian conservation.

“The Frog Ark,” situated within the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama, an Amphibian Survival Alliance partner, is a bastion of hope for numerous at-risk frog species, some of which have vanished from the wild. The facility is a hub for state-of-the-art science and genetic innovation aimed at reversing the tide of extinction and combating the chytrid fungus pandemic, a major threat to amphibian populations worldwide.

In this dedicated safe haven, scientists are pioneering treatments for the amphibians, seeking to trigger an effective immune response to the fungus. In parallel, field researchers are deploying AI technology to track and study “lost frogs” that have naturally withstood chytrid, potentially holding keys to the disease’s defeat.

The conservation strategies developed in Panama are being replicated around the world, a testament to their success and a critical step in protecting amphibians around the world. The stakes are high, and the work is challenging, but the preservation of these species is pivotal.

The captivating tales and remarkable people featured in WILD HOPE remind us that the path to conserving biodiversity begins in our own backyards.

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