As you might know I am a member of the International Selection Committee Future For Nature Foundation and I was hoping you could help us reach young nature conservationists to apply for the Future For Nature Award.

The Future For Nature (FFN) Foundation supports young, talented, and ambitious nature conservationists committed to protecting species of wild animals and plants. FFN believes in the power of the individual. Therefore, they select a new generation of nature conservationists who they believe make the difference for the future of nature.

Every year, from all over the world young nature conservations (up to 35 years old) can apply for this prestigious prize. The FFN Award provides the winners international recognition, financial support and connections to our international conservation network. The winners each receive 50,000 euro and the prestigious FFN Award. More information about FFN, their goals and former winners can be found on

The application for the Future For Nature Awards of 2021 is now open until the 15th of September 2020 and can be found on

You may have a network of nature conservationists between the age of 18 to 35 years old that deserve to win the FFN Award.

For any questions about the FFN or the FFN Award please contact FFN directly through [email protected].

Kind regards,

Simon N. Stuart PhD
Director of Strategic Conservation, Synchronicity Earth
Acting Chair, Amphibian Survival Alliance Global Council