This recent manuscript talks about funding allocation and knowledge in herpetofauna groups. The author has reviewed the literature and funding bodies during 2008-2018, from 14 research journals, five research funding agencies and six on-ground conservation agencies.

It shows that over the last 10 years an immense amount of grants and publications have been destined to frogs owing to the emergence of chytridiomycosis. Lizards and turtles also received considerable amounts.  However, relative to the number of threatened and data deficient species within each group, it demonstrated that caecilians, frogs, worm lizards, lizards, snakes and salamanders are in most need of knowledge and on-going funding for their conservation and survival. The manuscript also discuss groups with restrict distribution such as tuatara, and gives a breakdown in the findings of the turtle group, considering marine and freshwater turtles and tortoises results.  Other priorities for research are also discussed, in addition to how the funding for herpetofauna conservation and biology should increase as a whole.

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By Bruno Ferronato