In a focused effort to highlight crucial conservation issues, the Amphibian Survival Alliance (ASA) announces the publication of ‘Ongoing Harlequin Toad Declines Suggest the Amphibian Extinction Crisis is Still an Emergency,’ led by Stefan Lötters and colleagues. Featured in the journal Communication, Earth and Environment, this pivotal study emphasizes the critical role of conservation efforts in preserving the Atelopus genus, among the most endangered anuran groups.

This paper presents compelling evidence that underscores the immediate need for combined efforts in habitat protection, threat mitigation, and implementation of effective conservation strategies. It marks a significant advancement in understanding the conservation challenges faced by the Atelopus genus and accentuates the necessity of prioritizing their preservation.

The ASA is proud to support the Atelopus Survival Initiative (ASI), a cornerstone in the realm of conservation programs targeting these species’ survival. Our commitment to ASI involves providing essential resources, expertise, and collaborative platforms for effective conservation actions for the Atelopus genus and its natural habitats.

Gina Della Togna, the ASA’s Executive Director, remarked, “The publication of this study represents a major stride in grasping the conservation needs of the Atelopus genus. We extend our congratulations to the authors and remain resolute in our support for the Atelopus Survival Initiative. Our collaborative efforts with partners, researchers, and stakeholders are key to securing the future of these extraordinary amphibians.”

We encourage researchers, conservationists, and stakeholders worldwide to access the paper and delve into its implications for the conservation of the Atelopus genus. Together, we can make a tangible difference in protecting these unique species and their habitats.

Photo: Atelopus laetissimus in Colombia © Jaime Culebras/Photo Wildlife Tours