Conservation is about people… and planet. This is the message of our strategic partner Synchronicity Earth’s new film ‘Bringing Conservation to Life’, which we are delighted to share with you. Synchronicity Earth specialise in overlooked and underfunded species and ecosystems, and the plight of amphibians is high on their agenda!

They seek out partners who are ‘small but mighty’ and try to build their capacity to undertake work that would otherwise struggle to get funding and support. In addition to their Amphibian Programme and Amphibian Fund, which provide core support for the Amphibian Survival Alliance, they also focus on freshwater ecosystems, high and deep seas protection, the Congo Basin, and overlooked and endangered species in Southeast Asia.

The following film, released on their tenth anniversary, tells inspiring stories from the Philippines, Vietnam and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where the conservation of each species (Philippine Crocodile, Sunda Pangolin and Bonobo) is dependent on the communities who are proud to protect them.

‘Bringing Conservation to Life’ was produced by filmmaker Chris Scarffe and features stories from Mabuwaya Foundation (Philippines), Save Vietnam’s Wildlife (Vietnam), Mbou Mon Tour and Dynamique des Groupes des Peuples Autochtones (Democratic Republic of the Congo).

Find out how Synchronicity Earth support amphibian conservation on their website.