Croak: A book of fun for frog lovers, compiled by the late Prof. Phil Bishop and recently published by Exisle Publishing, delivers what it promises. Throughout its 160 pages, readers are treated to beautiful images of amphibians accompanied by funny and touching quotes from amphibian lovers.

With quotes from Shakespeare to Voltaire, from Mark Twain to Goethe, from Jane Goodall to David Attenborough, from Katy Perry to Lou Reed to the world’s most prominent amphibian conservationists, every single sentence included in this book is in its own way entertaining, enlightening and informative.

With images of frogs from Borneo to Madagascar, from Brazil to New Zealand, from South Africa to Panama to the most incredible places on Earth, every frog portrayed in the book reveals why these animals are so fascinating – and why we have to care for them.

Far beyond a simple compilation of images and quotes, this book is Phil’s definitive declaration of love for amphibians. His passion for these little creatures was palpable in everything Phil did over his entire life. Phil was not only a frog lover, but a true frog hero – one of the greatest.

Sadly, Phil passed away a few months before Croak was published. As my quote – that closes the book – goes, “When the Moon is moved by a choir of frogs, it rains at night”, I feel that since you left Earth the frogs and the Moon cry in tribute to you, Phil.

Review by: Luis Fernando Marin da Fonte, Director of Partnerships & Communications at the Amphibian Survival Alliance