PhotoWildlife Tours is a Ecuadorian company formed in 2016 which intends to awaken the astonishment of those who accompany us into knowing nature; and, at the same time support various research, education, conservation and sustainable tourism programs.  Research and conservation work of amphibians and reptiles is one of our main focuses as they are 2 of the most unknown animal groups and carry the burden of having nearly the worst reputation among them besides being mostly ignored by society.

Through science, photography and video production, in collaboration with different institutions, we want to spread the beauty and importance of these creatures to achieve greater representation of them in conservation proposals and a change in social perception.

We carry out scientific expeditions to collect information on the natural history and distribution of herpetofauna in tropical areas, especially Latin America, as well as co-authoring the description of new species for science, such as Pristimantis mutabilis and Hylianobatrachium yaku.

We have carried out expeditions aimed at the search and rescue of threatened amphibians, with special attention to the genus Atelopus and frogs of the Centrolenidae and Dendrobatidae family.

Our work has been recognized by some of the main nature photography festivals such as Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Big Picture Photo Competition, Nature Best Photography, GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Montphoto, among others, and published in media such as National Geographic.

By Jaime Culebras, Photo Wildlife Tours