Osprey LLC dba Froglog Co. is interested in collaboration with a researcher to model the impacts that swimming pools have on local amphibian populations and come up with an estimate of the overall impact. We are also especially interested in the impact pools may have on endangered amphibians that occur in the suburban interface with many pools.

Background: The owner of Osprey LLC, Rich Mason, is a wildlife biologist and became aware of the issue of amphibians being attracted to swimming pools and dying due to poisoning by chlorinated water. With almost 5 million in ground pools and 6 million above ground pools in the US alone, amphibian casualties by swimming pools likely number in the tens or hundreds of millions. However, we really don’t know the exact impact as nobody has ever attempted to quantify the impact. This number comes from our experience with developing and distributing a product called FrogLog (www.froglog.us). Feedback from customers, as well as the over 4,000 reviews on Amazon lead one to believe that many millions of amphibians die in pools each year. There are many comments similar to this one:

Review by Clair E. on 17 Aug 2019. I thought this thing would probably save a few of the frogs that were getting in the pool every day, but it actually seems to have prevented like 99% of the frog deaths that were happening. The frogs thank you.

We are interested in collaborating with a researcher to model the impact of pools on amphibians. We can provide some limited funding to this effort.

Please contact: Rich Mason. [email protected]. Phone: 410-588-6007