The Amphibian Ark and the IUCN SSC ART and Biobanking Working Group is pleased to announce the Amphibian Assisted Reproductive Technology webinar series. The 12 webinars will take place every two weeks via Zoom, at 6:00 pm, starting on August 15th, 2021 (US Central Time). Renowned presenters will deliver the webinars.
Target audience: These webinars are aimed at professionals in the area of ​​amphibian management, reproduction and conservation, and especially threatened amphibians. People already working in conservation breeding programs will be preferred.
Registration (required): Please register your interest in participating in the webinars. A password will be required to join each webinar, and this will be emailed to you once your registration has been received.
Cost: Free
For more information about these webinars, please email [email protected].
To view the webinar schedule and to register, please see