By Enrique La Marca, Rescue of Endangered Venezuelan Amphibians (REVA).

Posters on animal groups are of special interest because they easily get the attention of people who can find, in a single place, information that other- wise could be difficult to assemble. We are happy to present the most recent poster on a group of amphibians, a production of the Rescue of Endangered Venezuelan Amphibians (REVA) Conservation Center with the support of the Chessington Conservation Fund.

The new poster is an initiative driven and hosted within the Atelopus Survival Initiative (ASI), and deals with the Harlequin Frogs known from Venezuela. This is the first time that all species of the bufonid genus Atelopus from this country are presented in such a way, with all species (except one) illustrated with actual photos. This is also the first time that a picture is available for the enigmatic Harlequin Frog of Niquitao (Atelopus chrysocorallus), and that a new illustration is provided for the never pictured and now extinct harlequin frog of Maracay (Atelopus vogli).

Each species bears its common and scientific name, with the name of the person who describe it. There is a section on coloration and another on threats, plus data on distribution, last time of sight, total length, conservation status, and the major ecosystem that the species inhabits. The poster is in Spanish. We hope the amphibian lovers stupdents of Atelopus like this production. You can download the poster here.