Please see the table below for funding opportunities that are available at the organization level. For opportunities at the individual level, please visit the Amphibian Specialist Group’s funding webpage.

NameDescriptionGrant AmountsWebsite
Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF)Organizations working on biodiversity hotspots$20,000 for small grants; average of $150,000 for large grants
Disney Conservation FundCharitable organizations working on conservation action (field work, education and community engagement, sustainability)$50,000
Rapid Response FacilityEmergency funds for protected areas during sudden crises, with a focus on situations affecting wildlife in UNESCO natural World Heritage sitesUp to $30,000
The GEF Small Grants ProgrammeSupports practical projects and grassroots initiatives that promote the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in target ecosystemsUp to $50,000; average of $25,000
The Prince Bernhard Nature FundOrganizations focusing on threatened species and prioritizing applied conservation work in Africa, Asia and Latin America20,000 (USD$ or EUR)
Brevard Zoo: Wildlife
Saving wildlife impacted by natural or unforeseen
man-made catastrophes such as earthquakes,
flooding, fires, severe storms and unanticipated
devastating habitat destruction
Zoo Grant for
Conservation of wildlife and habitats$1-25,000
Idea WildEquipment and Supplies for Conservation$1,500 of equipment
and supplies
Human Journey; Wildlife and Wildplaces; Our Changing PlanetEarly Career Grant
for those without
advanced degree:
Standard Grant:
Rainforest TrustCreating Protected Areas
Mohamed Bin
Zayed Species
Fund (MBZ)
Conservation of Species with high extinction risk$25,000