In 2021, we received approximately 50 applications from the ASA Start-up Conservation Grants call, of which we will be able to fund six. Below you can learn more about the project Community Based Himalayan Salamander Conservation at Himalayas of Nepal to be executed by the Biodiversity Research and Conservation Society (Bivek Gautam, [email protected]).

The Himalayan Salamander (Tylototriton himalayanus) is distributed outside the protected area systems in the human-dominated landscape of eastern Nepal. After the implementation of Nepal’s Federal Government system, the Province-1 government and local governments have prioritized infrastructure development and tourism promotion in the distribution area of the Himalayan Salamander. Wetlands of this region are facing unsustainable development pressure. The species is threatened by habitat destruction/modification, release of exotic fishes, introduction of recreational boats, and pollution of most of its breeding grounds (wetlands).

In this context, the Biodiversity Research and Conservation Society (BRCS) realized the immediate need of an educational program to conserve the population of this locally threatened species. This project will advertise the presence of the salamanders across the region and engage local community in wetland and habitat conservation. Conservation educational programs will be conducted at local schools and communities, and a conservation capacity building workshop is planned for stakeholders and local authorities to help them adopt sustainable development practices.

The BRCS is a non-governmental organization registered in 2018 with the Government of Nepal under the Social Council Act (1992). We are an independent non-profit organization, actively working on research and conservation of different aspect of biodiversity. Since herpetofauna is one of our major interest areas, we organize regular herping activities, including survey and monitoring of amphibians and reptiles in Nepal.







All images by Bivek Gautam.