Between October and November 2020, substantial progress was made towards achiveing the ob- jectives of the amphibian captive breeding at ASA partner Mitsinjo research center. In total, there are currently more than 150 terraria occupied with 11 common species and 1 Critically Endangered species. All frog species are active and are in breeding season. Even in captivity, all captive bred have adapted to this season.

Over the past two months, we have also produced a new generation of the Golden Mantella Frog (Mantella aurantiaca). By the end of Novem- ber, we have saved 45 egg clutches, with 300 tadpoles already in the water. These will be reintroduced into the wild between March and April, 2021.

Species monitored in captivity 90% of those individuals previously caught in the wild are old and need

to be changed in the next few years to prevent mortality. Even though some species bred with lower fertil- ity rates during this breeding sea- son, all the captive species are again selected for husbandry by using/ impro