SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana is proud to announce the re-launch of Ghana’s most loved interactive social media competition, Ghana Online Amphibian Literacy (GOAL) Project. Starting from 29th June to 27th November 2020, GOAL will be used to throw spotlight and raise awareness about unique amphibian species and their habitats in south-western Ghana.

This re-launch should hopefully garner the needed public support for our calls to upgrade the protection status of vulnerable frogs’ habitats. Our goal is to at least, get Sui River Forest Reserve, last home of the critically endangered Giant Squeaker Frog (Arthroleptis krokosua) to a Globally Significant Biodiversity Area status; and improve the management practices at Ankasa Conservation Area, to help reduce the risk of extinction of species such as the critically endangered Intermediate Puddle Frog (Phrynobatrachus intermedius).

How to Participate

Unlike our previous GOAL competition, we will host this re-launch in group stages. Winners from each group will advance to the next round up to the final to compete for the grand prize of a 3-day all expenses paid field trip to join SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana on a Frogging Safari to Sui River Forest Reserve. To compete, participants need to login to our e-learning centre dedicated to GOAL at Then, read the articles authored by SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana’s trained university student members and answer the follow-up questions. Participants will immediately be notified of their score with the highest score winners advancing to the next round of the competition. Those who reach the final will automatically be awarded consolation prizes including conservation paraphernalia, customized t-shirts, books, airtime, etcetera.

Terms and Conditions of Participation

The rules of engagement are simple.

  • The competition is only open to residents in Ghana;
  • Participants must be 18 years and above;
  • There is no entry fee and no purchase necessary to enter this competition; and
  • The dates, time, and all other alerts for each round will be announced at and our social media pages; SAVE THE FROGS Ghana Official, and Twitter @GhanaFrogs.

Social media statistics of Ghana indicate that the average Ghanaian youth spends approximately 105 mins daily interacting on various social media platforms with Facebook and Twitter being the most patronised. This statistics under COVID-19 is even higher thus, requiring that we engage the public to learn about nature. In 2016, we launched GOAL to share knowledge about amphibians and increase support for their conservation. GOAL’s first run clocked over 500,000 interactions, principally among Ghanaians. This constituted the highest active social media competition singularly dedicated to wildlife in Ghana. Popularity of the competition and the increase in number of people staying at home due to COVID-19 has therefore, inspired this re-launch.

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By Sandra Owusu-Gyamfi, SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana