By Nina Seale, Synchronicity Earth

Golden eyes, ruby eyes, lace eyes, star eyes, blue eyes, black eyes, no eyes… the beauty of amphibian eyes is just as diverse as the creatures within it!

Inspired by macro photographs of the Utthaman’s Bush Frog by Vivek Menon, with a close-up of the red- dish frog’s silver and ebony eyes, Synchronicity Earth issued a challenge on Twitter for Science Twitter’s favourite amphibian eyes.

And it seems like herpetologists were ready to show their enthusiasm! Over the next few days, the hashtag was shared hundreds of times, with amphibian enthusiasts sharing their favourite eyes, facts about the species and tagging their friends and colleagues to join in.

Amphibians are too frequently overlooked, but the excitement over the new trend showed how much passion there is within the amphibian community for these species.

Too often we have to justify our research and conservation efforts for amphibians with reasons about how they benefit humanity, and it is a breath of fresh air to see so many people celebrating amphibians for their intrinsic value.