IUCN SSC Amphibian Specialist Group Strategic Plan 2015-2016

The IUCN SSC Amphibian Specialist Group (ASG) is a global network of amphibian scientists and other experts with an interest in amphibian conservation that strives to provide the best possible science to inform amphibian conservation. There are various components to the ASG:

Geography and membership: Although the ASG is global in scope, it also works at the regional/national levels, and the activities in regions/countries are led by Regional Chairs. Regional Chairs are responsible for coordinating and organizing ASG activities within their respective regions, and represent the ASG within their communities and among regional stakeholders.

Working Groups: ACAP-ASG Thematic Working Groups are groups of interested experts with expertise on specific topics relevant to the global Amphibian Conservation Action Plan (ACAP). Led by one or more facilitators, these working groups develop priorities for their individual remits, which are then used to advance a particular field as it pertains to amphibian conservation.

Task Forces: The Task Forces are smaller groups of ASG members with a specific taxonomic or thematic focus who wish to consolidate efforts and build knowledge on their respective study subjects. Similarly to Working Groups, Task Forces are coordinated by one or more coordinators, who are responsible for establishing and coordinating the Task Force’s activities.

Programs: The ASG currently has one shared program (ASG/ASA Youth) and one stand-alone program (ASG Mentorship). These programs are intended to promote capacity building in amphibian research and conservation (ASG Mentorship), and increase awareness and interest among future generations of amphibian conservationists (ASG/ASA Youth).

Please browse through the ASG Strategic Plan (link on the right and below) for an overview of the mission, goals and components of ASG for the 2015-2016 period, as well as additional information on other aspects of ASG.

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