Over the last few years, our structure has changed in view of de-centralizing the assessment process and allowing our National and Regional Working Groups to take stewardship of their respective assessments.

A Central Coordination Team oversees the activities of the ARLA. It is comprised of a Coordinator – appointed by the Chair of the IUCN Species Survival Commission (SSC) – and three Programme Officers.

Drawing on the members of the ASG, the ARLA membership is organized into Regional and National Working Groups. Each Working Group is comprised of Tier I and II Members who are collectively responsible for the maintenance of the assessments for the species in their region or country; all ARLA Members are by definition members of the Amphibian Specialist Group (ASG).

Tier I RLA Members establish the membership and coordinate the activities of their Regional or National Working Group over the course of their quadrennial appointment. They are active on a regular basis and coordinate the assessment process for the species under their remit.

Tier II RLA Members contribute to the assessment process for species in the Regional or National Working Group in which they participate over the course of their quadrennial appointment. They can also serve as Reviewers for assessments from other RLA Working Groups.

Working Groups have either a Regional or National focus and are responsible for the species assessments in their area. They are comprised of at least one Tier I RLA Member and one or more Tier II RLA Members, and differ in scope according to expertise available and number of species.

ARLA Interns are typically early career biologists who join us for short periods of time to gain experience through various projects, such as helping to assess and reassess amphibian species, developing tools to support ARLA activities or undertaking a project suitable to the Intern’s interest and the RLA’s need. Interns can work closely with the Central Coordination Team or have their time allocated to a specific Working Group.

For more information on our structure and functioning, please see the Introduction to the Amphibian RLA 2.0.


Central Coordination Team

Jennifer Luedtke
Jennifer LuedtkeIUCN SSC Amphibian Red List Authority Coordinator
Elena Garollo
Elena GarolloProgram Officer
Kelsey Neam
Kelsey NeamProgram Officer
Louise Hobin
Louise HobinProgram Officer

North and Central America & the Caribbean

Blair Hedges
Blair HedgesCaribbean
Brian Gratwicke
Brian GratwickePanama

South America

Mauricio Rivera-Correa
Mauricio Rivera-CorreaColombia
Diego F. Cisneros-Heredia
Diego F. Cisneros-HerediaEcuador
Alessandro Catenazzi
Alessandro CatenazziPeru
Rudolf von May
Rudolf von MayPeru
Juan Manuel DazaColombia

Europe, North Africa and West & Central Asia

Jelka Crnobrnja-Isailovic
Jelka Crnobrnja-IsailovicEurope
Uğur Kaya
Uğur KayaWest and Central Asia

Sub-Saharan Africa

John Measey
John MeaseySouth Africa
Gonwouo Nono
Gonwouo NonoWest Africa
Annika Hillers
Annika HillersWest Africa
Franco Andreone
Franco AndreoneMadagascar

Mainland Asia

Gururaja K.V.
Gururaja K.V.South Asia
Madhava Meegaskumbura
Madhava MeegaskumburaSri Lanka
Michael Lau
Michael LauChina
Xie Feng
Xie FengChina

Maritime Southeast Asia & Oceania

Jodi Rowley
Jodi RowleySouth East Asia
Steve Richards
Steve RichardsMelanesia
Dale Roberts
Dale RobertsAustralia
Mirza Kusrini
Mirza KusriniIndonesia
Arvin Diesmos
Arvin DiesmosPhilippines


Tom Devitt
Tom Devitt
Justin Nowakowski
Justin Nowakowski


Jeanne Tarrant
Jeanne Tarrant
Catharina Gallacher
Catharina Gallacher
Tim Cutajar
Tim Cutajar
Grace Fields
Grace Fields


Michele Menegon
Michele Menegon
Phil Bowles
Phil Bowles
Corey Roelke
Corey Roelke
Derek Berezdivin
Derek Berezdivin
Aina Pascual Cuadras
Aina Pascual Cuadras
Laurence Jarvis
Laurence Jarvis
Roshni Sharma
Roshni SharmaIntern
Felix Baier
Felix BaierIntern
Rob Ward
Rob WardIntern
Evie Morris
Evie MorrisIntern
Marcio Martins
Marcio MartinsBrazil
Rachunliu Kamei
Rachunliu KameiMainland South Asia
Dr. Ariadne Angulo
Dr. Ariadne AnguloFormer IUCN SSC Amphibian Red List Authority Coordinator
Geoff Hammerson
Magno Segalla