Red List assessment processPre-Assessment: This step is common to all Red List processes and it involves the compilation of data for any one given assessment (i.e. the creation and population of draft assessments in IUCN’s Species Information Service [SIS]). It can be carried out by RLA members, IUCN Species Programme staff, and other collaborators, such as interns or Specialist Group members. Typically this step also involves the development of a draft map and a compilation of relevant questions for experts involved in the assessment. Reassessments would build on existing published assessments and maps, and would be modified according to new data and expert feedback.

Preliminary Assessment or ReassessmentThis step involves consulting on the draft assessments and maps with experts and determining an appropriate threat category based on the IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria that are met in the course of the assessment. This can be done using a combination of the following: 1) an assessment workshop, 2) email, phone or Skype exchanges.

External Review: At least one independent Reviewer (either a member of the Amphibian RLA, Global Species Programme staff or a qualified member of the Species Survival Commission) is requested to review each assessment. A determined period of time is agreed on for providing the review. If there are any important differences of opinion with the assessment, the Reviewer then discusses these differences with the assessment Facilitator, and if needed, the Facilitator addresses outstanding questions or issues with experts. Once any such questions are addressed the assessment is passed and tagged as ready for submission.

Submission and Consistency Check: All passed assessments are validated by the ARLA Global Coordinator before being submitted, along with the associated spatial data, to the Red List Unit (RLU). An RLU staff member checks submitted assessments to confirm the assessment is consistent with the documentation provided. If there are observations on any assessment(s), the staff member will notify the ARLA Global Coordinator who will contact the assessment Facilitator(s) for any required follow‐up. If there are no observations, then the assessment will be published on the Red List.

Publication: Accepted assessments appear online on predetermined dates for specific Red List update releases. An assessment is not considered final and official until such time as it is published on the IUCN Red List. See the Planned Red List Update webpage for upcoming publication dates.