Mapping Resources

Standards Documentation:

METADATA for Digital Distribution Maps of The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Presence, Seasonal and Origin Attributes for Species Ranges

IUCN Standard Attributes for Point Locality Data

Sensitive Data Access Restrictions Policy for the IUCN Red List


ArcGIS for Desktop – download a 21-day free trial

QGIS – free and open source GIS desktop software

R Packages – packages for R, e.g. rCAT, red, redlistr

Instructions for Mapping:

ArcGIS – updated July 2015

QGIS – coming soon!

Google Maps and Google Earth

Spatial Data:

IUCN Red List Spatial Data –  download current amphibian spatial data

World Database on Protected Areas – download WDPA dataset

ArcGIS Tools:

IUCN Red List Toolbox for ArcMap – (208 MB) –  The ArcGIS IUCN Red List Species Mapping Toolbox.

EOO Calculator v1.4 – (52KB) – Calculates the extent of occurrence (EOO) for ArcMap 10.1 and above (requires Advanced ArcGIS licence; please contact RLA Central Coordination Team if you need an upgrade)

Additional mapping resources can be found at the following site: