The Amphibian Red List Authority (Amphibian RLA) is the branch of the Amphibian Specialist Group (ASG) responsible for maintaining the amphibian extinction risk assessments on The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. We are a global network of experts in herpetology and conservation committed to assessing the conservation status of every amphibian species in the world.

The amphibian database on the IUCN Red List is the most comprehensive source of information on the global conservation status of the world’s amphibians. However, for the information to be relevant and for it to provide the best possible guidance for conservation action on the ground, it needs to be updated. This is a challenge, especially when there are more than 7,ooo described amphibian species and an average of one new species described every other day, and the situation on the ground is changing for many of these species.

We would greatly appreciate the support we receive from our volunteer network and we welcome you to consider joining and supporting us to help prioritize those species in greatest need of conservation action. Please contact us at rla@amphibians.org