We’ve all heard of Kickstarter and Indigogo; but the latest online crowdfunding platform aims to create awareness for environmental initiatives.

WorthWild helps individuals and organizations get funds or feedback for environmental initiatives.

The crowdsourcing platform aims to empower people to collaborate on and complete initiatives, and gives businesses an opportunity to become more socially responsible by pairing with grassroots environmental initiatives.

If a business contributes more than 50% of a project’s fundraising goal, either in funding or in-kind donations, it can be a sponsor for that initiative. The business’ logo and website link will then appear next to the pitch, giving increased recognition.

Unlike its crowd sourcing counterparts, WorthWild is environmentally focused, and aims to bring awareness and increase the impact of environmental efforts via the use of its platform.

The environmental crowdfunding platform wants to inspire environmental action across all generations and disciplines, and instead of broadly defining their initiatives as “anything that’s green,” World Wild has four focus areas: educating the youth, engaging communities in conservation and outdoor recreation and supporting the development of new products and processes for a more sustainable future.

  1. Education: WorthWild offers a platform to help educators request funding for projects that bring young students into the environmental fold through field trips, volunteerism and environmental education.
  2. Entrepreneurial: WorthWild provides individuals access to monetary and intellectual resources to help move green businesses, products and community projects forward.
  3. Conservation and environmental stewardship: The crowdfunding platform provides a simple way for nonprofits to reach a broader audience when seeking funds for new equipment, sustainable building materials, or project costs.
  4. Recreation: The company provides a space for individuals to fund their forays into the wilderness and entire organizations to fund their efforts to help people discover their passion for nature through play. The crowdfunding campaigns must be for no-emission activities that do not risk significant alterations to the environment.

Co-founder, Cori Snedecor talks about the benefits for businesses, “WorthWild provides a space for startups and established businesses to garner the attention they deserve. Unlike larger, more generalized crowdfunding platforms, environmental initiatives don’t get buried on WorthWild.

“Crowdfunding on WorthWild means placing your business in front of already environmentally-conscious consumers, targeting your message to those who are most likely to support you now and in the future. Crowdfunding is a great way to test the market for new products and business concepts as well.”

Founded in May this year, the WorthWild website was officially launched on December 1st.

So far, $2,700 has been raised to provide scholarships to Family Nature Summits’ weeklong adventure and environmental education summit in Monterey, and $275 has been pledged to secure 100,000 football fields-worth of amphibian habitat at risk of destruction due to development and sprawl.

Arboreal salamander, Bolitoglossa dofleini. Photo by: Robin Moore

The Amphibian Survival Alliance is the world’s largest partnership for the protection of amphibians. The approach is effective and efficient – by creating new reserves in priority sites worldwide the ASA is able to save entire species with modest and targeted investments.

And right now the ASA is leaping to the rescue and TRIPLING every dollar raised on WorthWild. You can support the ASA’s campaign here.

Together We Can Save Amphibians

Original article by Victoria Knowles on 2degrees