Written in partnership with the Conservation Evidence project, this book assesses the effectiveness of over 640 conservation interventions, covering the great range of threats facing global wildlife as well as challenges for sustainable farming. Please access the book here for free or read on for further details.

What Works In ConservationEdited by William J. Sutherland, Lynn V. Dicks, Nancy Ockendon, and Rebecca K. Smith, What Works in Conservation examines practical solutions. For environmentalists the world over, this book is an essential read.

As the urgency of conservation has intensified, the need for accessible guidance has likewise increased. Focussing initially upon the conservation of birds, amphibians and bats, What Works In Conservation then proceeds to discuss agricultural issues such as farmland biodiversity, natural pest control and soil fertility. This volume contains key results from the summarized evidence for each conservation intervention studied and an assessment of the effectiveness of each by international expert panels. It is, moreover, fully linked to the Conservation Evidence project’s website where background papers such as abstracts and published journal articles can be freely accessed.

The editors of What Works in Conservation chose to publish in Open Access so that this work could be read for free online and reach the largest number of readers possible. The book is also available in interactive PDF and e-book versions from Open Book Publishers. OBP is a non-profit organisation, run by academics in Cambridge and London.

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