A comprehensive updated Checklist of Indian Amphibians has been updated and launched on ‘International Biodiversity Day 2017’ on 22nd May 2017 on the Mhadei Research Center website www.mhadeiresearchcenter.org

In 2009, Dinesh et al., brought out an annotated checklist of amphibians of India listing 284 species with their synonyms, information on their type locality, type specimen status and their known distribution. The online version of the Check lists of ‘Indian Amphibians’ were periodically updated by Dinesh et al., listing 311 species in 2010; 314 species in 2011; 342 species in 2012 and 2013; and 384 species in 2015.

The present checklist is updated with all the species names available till April 2017 and enlists 405 species of amphibians from India, including those listed in the past from Goa (Kulkarni et al., 2013). It lists a total of 239 species from Western Ghats of India and 34 species from Goa. The nomenclature followed is after Frost 2017.

This updated checklist will help students of herpetology, researchers and conservation scientists as well as policy makers to understand the diversity of Indian amphibians and their up to date nomenclature.
The checklist is available as a free download at Resources.

PhotoFejervarya gomantaki from Western Ghats ©  Saunak Pai