View or download our February Year of the Salamander Newsletter at! In this month’s Year of the Salamander news issue, we are highlighting various outreach and education initiatives directed towards hellbender conservation. Read about what various state partners are doing to get the message out on the importance of hellbenders and their conservation. Also check out myths and fun facts about salamanders, our featured family of the month: Cryptobranchidae – giant salamanders and hellbenders, and a special interview with David Wake.

Our February Calendar Featuring This Month’s Winning Photos is Now Available! Congratulations to Thomas Bille for submitting this month’s winning photograph! Thomas found this Tendi & Marea Valley Fire Salamander under a rock at the subspecies type locality in northern Spain. The runner up photo was of an Ozard hellbender, submitted by Matt Hamilton. Download the calendar to view these amazing photos. Congratulations to both Thomas and Matt!

Please check out our Year of the Salamander website at! You can view or download the State of the Salamander document, the February newsletter, and the February downloadable salamander calendar. A page dedicated to Year of the Salamander outreach and education activities will be added shortly. We’ll have face painting templates and notecards, slideshow, posters, and an educational packet for naturalist as well as links to other educational resources available. We’ll continue to have newsletters and downloadable monthly calendars each month in 2014, so be sure to check back. We are continuing to accept submissions for our monthly photo contest, so it is not too late to enter. Be on the lookout for our upcoming video contest – details will be announced shortly!

We continue to look for partners for our Year of the Salamander effort, so if you or your organization are implementing salamander conservation efforts or just plain love salamanders and want to help spread the word, we want to hear about it at! A special shout out to Josh Dyer and his colleagues at the Crawford Park District that held their first Year of the Salamander kick-off event on January 11th. Check out our Partners Page at on our website – we’re looking to add more energy to this campaign!

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