TGIFF!!! Thank Goodness it’s FROG FRIDAY! The species in the spotlight today is the Cape Sand Toad (Vandijkophrynus angusticeps). This is a medium sized toad and has the typical square, thick-set body which characterizes this genus.

The Cape Sand Toad is endemic to the Fynbos Biome and mainly occurs in the winter rainfall region of the Western Cape Province of South Africa, but its habitat also extends eastwards into a winter/summer rainfall transition zone. The Cape Sand Toad is mainly associated with sandy, coastal lowlands but also occurs in some rocky montane areas further inland. It breeds in shallow temporary pools in seasonally flooded land, and this may also include modified habitat such as cultivated lands.

The photo shown here is record number 393 from the FrogMAP database. The photo was taken in the Western Cape by Trevor Hardaker and it one of only four photographic records of Cape Sand Toad in the database! Please help us to map this cool toad’s 21st century distribution by submitting your photos, along with the location details, to FrogMAP (formerly known as SAFAP) here.

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