Freddy Almeida, Balsa de los Sapos manager, taking care of the tadpoles of H. jacobuspetersi. We feed the tadpoles a special mixture of leaves, algae, and animal protein.

Dear friends,

First of all, on Balsa de los Sapos staff’s behalf, I would like to thank you for supporting our initiative to protect the Quito Rocket Frog from its potential extinction. We will be glad to take care of your “foster-tadpoles” and will keep you posted about their development.

Thanks to your help, we will start the laboratory breeding program during the next months and we hope to share with you, soon, news about the birth of a new generation of the species.

These first steps on the conservation of this species, we are sure, will mean the addition of new stakeholders in the near future, and all together, we will make the difference between the extinction or the survival of this unique Ecuadorian species.

Thanks again.

Andrés Merino-Viteri
Balsa de los Sapos, Ecuador
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