Hooray!!!! It’s FROG FRIDAY!!! Featuring the beautiful Northern Pygmy Toad (Poyntonophrynus fenoulheti). This cool little toad inhabits a variety of bushveld vegetation types in the Savanna Biome and is occasionally found in adjacent grassland areas. Its distribution lies within the summer-rainfall region of southern Africa.

During the breeding season, males have bright yellow throats and call from exposed positions near the edges of rain pools or while partly submerged near the water’s edge. Adult Northern Pygmy Toads breed in temporary pools, such as those on flat rocky outcrops or shallow rain ponds, sometimes in barren areas. Breeding occurs after heavy rains from October to February and after breeding strings of eggs are laid.

Andre Coetzer submitted this photo to FrogMAP, he photographed it on a farm 10km south of Lephalale, Limpopo Province. You can view the record here.

Frog Fridays celebrate the amazing diversity of frogs and toads in the southern African region. Click here to learn more about Frog Friday and the Animal Demography Unit.

Reference: Minter et al., 2004, © SI/MAB Biodiversity Program